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Sitting at the heart of the University’s mission is a commitment to the comprehensive internationalization of the student experience – both domestic and international. As part of this commitment, the University partnered with INTO University Partnerships in 2010. The results of the partnership have been extraordinary:

  • 200 percent increase (1,325 to 3,975) in international student enrollments at USF since 2009.
  • Growth in international enrollments at three times the State of Florida average and at least twice the national average since 2009.
  • Students represent more than 130 countries and territories around the world.
  • International student satisfaction rates in excess of 90%.
  • Student retention rates in excess of 90%.
  • A suite of programs preparing students for success in degree studies at the University. Pathway students achieve Cumulative GPAs in line with direct admit international students.
  • Undergraduate: 3.11
  • Graduate: 3.48
  • Creating and supporting 1,374 new jobs in the Tampa Bay area.
  • Generating annual revenues in excess of $100M for the University to reinvest in its core mission - benefitting faculty, other students and the wider community.
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Read the full case study

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